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On this page you can see what projects Great Days of Service will be working on this year or request a project. Project requests can be submitted beginning
August 1st thru October 1st, 2015.

Request a Project

Project requests have ended.

Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx for special consideration.

If you are requesting a project for someone else please indicate your name and phone number some place on the form.

Request Project On-Line

Print a Project Request Form
(If you choose to print the form and fill it out manually please make sure it gets delivered to Great Days of Service, PO Box 853, Van Alstyne, Tx 75495
by October 1, 2015.)


After your project request is reviewed you will receive notification of whether it was approved and will be taken on as one of our projects for this year or that we cannot do it at this time. You will also be told when we expect to be able to do it, but that date may change as we finalize all projects..


Approved Projects for 2015

  • Flower beds cleaned out and weeded.

  • Trees and brush removed.



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